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Agriture Global Indonesia has developed a strategy to grow and sustain its successful global business. We take advantage of opportunities where the resources we work on are huge in Indonesia. We believe Agriture Global Indonesia has a very good position to take advantage of these things.
Commitment is the value of our company. And we see that the establishment of this company is not just the profit we seek, but we know that there is a reason why this company should stand. Many people have the hope of having a good life, and we are here for them. We want to be a blessing to those in need.
Working with the Indonesian government to develop the seeds of our Plantations, so that they can be ready for export and add to superior commodities of Indonesia
Ministry of Agriculture conducts laboratory tests to monitor the quality of pesticides in circulation. The parameters of the pesticide quality test which are its services include testing the levels of active pesticide ingredients and test the physical properties of the formulation such as specific gravity, refractive index, viscosity, density, pH and water content.
“Most of our customers are pesticide producers who want to know the quality of pesticides produced,” he said. “As an effort to improve service, we continue to strive to provide excellent service to the community with the motto of Smart Customer Satisfied Analysis,”
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